The Last Road Trip

Some days life seems great, other days I feel like a ghost roaming among the remnants of my past.  I suppose you cannot avoid the past, you just have to learn to live with it. Melinda and I had many great adventures, so now that my big trip is over, I will share a few.  I will begin with the last road trip.

Last summer Melinda and I had a trip planned to the Big Island of Hawaii.  Unexpectedly, our ten-year old Miniature Schnauzer Libby was diagnosed with a brain tumor shortly before we were supposed to leave.  We cancelled our trip and decided instead to take Libby on a road trip to the Okanagan Valley in southern British Colombia.  I suspected that it would be my last road trip with Libby; I had no idea it would be my last road trip with Melinda.

We drove north through Eastern Washington, spending the first night in Omak.  The next day we crossed over into Canada and drove through the Okanagan Valley, one of the great fruit producing regions in North America.  There are many orchards and vineyards, and fruit stands line the roads.  The views are spectacular.  We stopped in the atmospheric town of Penticton and visited a brewpub called Bad Tattoo.

The jewel of the Okanagan Valley is Lake Okanagan.  We spent three nights at a lodge on the shores of the lake.  We checked out antique stores, and hiked along an old railroad line that had been converted into a hiking trail, complete with many old wooden trestles.  We then drove through the mountains to Vancouver, where we spent two nights at the historic Hotel Vancouver.  We walked in Stanley Park, had great Chinese food, and helped a group of Japanese students work on their English.  Despite the circumstances, it was a great trip.





3 thoughts on “The Last Road Trip

  1. Such joy and such loss. I had just been thinking of Melinda when in the shower this morning, then found your post. We take the happy memories and carry on. Thanks so much for sharing them, Brad.


  2. Great photos and story, Brad! The story about your pup would have made the headlines I imagine if you had not had bigger challenges to face. Seeing Melinda and Libby’s smiley faces makes me believe that the two of them must be together now.
    Thanks for sharing!


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